Terms and Conditions


Thank you for choosing to stay with us and we wish you a pleasant stay at The Quad Luxury Villas!

Below are the Terms and Conditions applicable to your booking.



To place your reservation you can:

a) call us directly at +30 6936.904.990  or  +30 6936.162.267,

b) e-mail us at info@thequad.gr or

c) place your online enquiry through our website at www.thequad.gr .

The person who makes the reservation must be at least 18 years old and must be eligible by Law and able to make all necessary payments due for the booking with a valid signed credit card. 

All guests as well as any visitors of the guests must comply with the Terms and Conditions stated herein and with any other written or verbal instructions given by the property manager/owner during their stay.

The person who makes the booking is responsible to inform everyone in his/her party about the terms and conditions of the reservation and he/she is by granted authorized and acts on behalf of all persons who are staying in the same rented villa.

For everyone’s security and to prevent fraud, all guests are required to confirm their identity by providing their valid government photo identification at the time of arrival. 

For the ease of communication the required information needed for a valid reservation (i.e. Government ID’s, Passports, Driving License and contact info of all members staying at the Villa) will be asked to be provided by the same person who makes the reservation. He/she will be solely responsible for giving true and valid information of every person of his/her party before or at the day of arrival.



All rental rates are quoted in Euro per Villa for one night stay, including all applicable taxes.  The minimum stay is two (2) nights during low season (Sep.-May), three (3) nights during mid season (June) and four (4) nights during high season (Jul.-Aug.).

The price includes electricity, water, maid service (sweep floors, bed-making and pick up garbage) change of bedlinen and towels every 3rd day after the arrival day (that is on the 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, etc. day from the arrival day).

In case of an unexpected/accidental dirt our staff is happy to change your bed linen and/or towels once requested and if all personal items have been removed.    

For any additional services requested an additional agreed charge will be applicable.

There is no extra charge for the secured parking garage or for the usage of the electric fast charger in case you are visiting us with your electric vehicle. 

All vehicles which are parked in the closed secured underground garage of our property are monitored by CCTV for your safety.  All vehicles are parked at the solely risk of their owners. We assume no responsibility or liability for any vehicle parked in our garage.

Internet usage is unlimited and without extra cost. The use of in-house laundry facilities (washing & ironing) and the concierge services are at no extra cost.

Check-in time is at 15:00 (3pm).   Early check-in is subject to availability upon prior request.

Check-out time is at 10:00 (10am).  Late check-out is subject to availability upon request with a two-day prior notice at no extra cost.

Please note that you need to check-out along with the property manager/owner so that the housekeeping may start cleaning your villa as soon as possible.

Each villa can accommodate up to 7 people including kids above 2-years old. 2-year old kids sleep in a baby-cot at no extra charge.  The rental cost of each villa depends on the number of its guests. The maximum number of guests (7 guests/villa) may not be exceeded unless prior permission is given by the property manager with an additional agreed cost.

Baby cot is free of charge and is available upon request.

Pets are not permitted in the property.

Only those persons stipulated on the booking form may reside at the property as guests.  Please notify us as soon as possible of any changes.

Visitors of our guests are allowed to visit our property for a limited of time during the non-quiet hours and may all respect the property and the terms and conditions stipulated herein.

The guests staying at the property are responsible and liable for the safety and the behavior of their visitors. The guests of the property are also liable for any costs may arise of an accidental and/or intended loss or damage caused by their visitors

Guests and their visitors must keep noise to a minimum as not to disturb the occupants of the property and the neighboring properties - especially during quite hours (15:00-17:30 and 23:00 - 7:00).

If you become aware of a disruptive guest, please contact the owner/manager immediately. Televisions or other devices must be always kept at a respectful low level. THE QUAD Luxury Villas is suitable for children. However, guests are always fully responsible for the safety and security of their children, as well as any disturbance caused to other residents in the property. Excessive noise is always prohibited and may result in termination of the vacation rental agreement.

Parties and large gatherings of any kind are strictly prohibited at our premises. Any small gathering must comply with the rules stated previously regarding noise and behavior.

It is not allowed to sit or lie down on any indoor villa furniture being wet or having sunscreen on your skin (or any kind of cream, oil, or mosquito spray), which will be in contact with the furniture. Any damage, which occurs, may result in penalties or extra charges.

Smoking of any kind is strictly prohibited inside the villas except in outdoor areas. It is strictly forbidden to throw away any cigarettes, cigars, lighters, or such things on the floors, tables or especially on the synthetic grass, except on devices like ashtrays, after having put out the fire with water.

Failure to do so will result to penalties and additional charges.  For the safety of our property and our guests and to assure that our facility is not exposed to items or actions that create an odor which can be unhealthy and objectionable to our guests and staff, and that is difficult to remove from the air, curtains, walls and furniture we do not permit smoking tobacco, marijuana, illegal drugs, e-cigarettes, vape pens, vaping, cartridges containing the liquid of nicotine, hookahs, incense, cigars, candle burning, the use or diffusing of patchouli oil or any other strong-smelling plant-based essential oils or synthetic products in our property.

The use of marijuana and any other illegal substances/drugs are always prohibited in all premises of our property indoors and outdoors.

To provide our guests with an exceptionally clean and safe experience, we provide housekeeping.  Villas’ outdoor areas are cleaned and inspected daily.   

The Housekeeping staff is required to enter and clean the villa, to check for safety and verify the condition of the villa every third day or even daily if the management decides to do so.

Management reserves the right to enter a villa with guests for reasonable purposes, such as on an emergency, for housekeeping and maintenance, to verify that the villa is maintained properly, to check on its furnishings and mechanical equipment are intact or to address and/or prevent a violation of our villas' rules and regulations.  

In the event of suspected illegal activity, management reserves the right to summon law enforcement to aid in eviction.  The right to privacy ends when any villas' rules and regulations (herein Terms and Conditions) are broken.  Law enforcement will be granted immediate access to THE QUAD Luxury Villas property and to the villa of evicted guests.



For all reservations prior to 42 days from the booking start day a 50% deposit of the total amount of the reservation is required.

For all reservations between 41 to 28 days from the booking day a 70% deposit of the total amount of the reservation is required.

For all reservations that are made within 27 days from the booking day a 100% deposit of the total amount of the reservation is required.

An extra charge for Security Damage Deposit equals to the cost of one night stay will be held upon your arrival. This deposit will be held in cash on the day of your arrival.  This deposit will be returned in full on the departure day after our investigation of the villa and if everything in the villa is intact and in the same condition as it was on the day of your arrival, otherwise there will be an equivalent deduction depending on the damage or loss 

Once you place your reservation we will send you a confirmation email with the agreed total amount due and the equivalent deposit due.

In order for your reservation to be granted, the payment of the deposit must be made within 48 hours from the issued confirmation email.  Your booking will be completed and secured when we acknowledge receipt of your deposit in our bank account.

It is always recommended that you sent us the verification of your money transaction via e-mail since it may take longer than two days for the money to be shown to our account.

When your booking has been made and your deposit has been received in our end, a confirmation of your booking will be sent out to the e-mail address that you have supplied us.

By means of your 50% deposit or a full payment shall be taken as confirmation of acceptance to the Terms and Conditions stated out herein. 

The Quad Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.) reserves the rights to amend and/or add these Terms and Conditions at its own discretion, anytime and without prior notification.   

Please note that if the payment is not made as scheduled (within 48hrs of your reservation), your reservation will automatically be canceled without previous notice.  Bookings are on right of “first come, first served” basis.

The remaining (50%) balance of the reservation is due upon your arrival day.

You can either pay by a bank transfer or via a valid credit card (Visa or Mastercard).  No other method of payment is accepted.

In case that a third party is to pay for your stay, a full payment of your booking must be made at the date of the booking.  However, the guests are still responsible to pay the costs for any damages and/or losses may arise during their stay. 

Note that the rental price is agreed and accepted at the time the booking is made. You acknowledge and accept that these prices may vary and are subject to change at any time.  No refund or extra costs will be due.



In the even you are forced to cancel or change your reservation, you are requested to notify us via e-mail.


For written enquiries for a change of a reservation date, we will notify you in writing if such a change can be accomplished based on our availability.  


For written enquiries of a booking cancellation you will be liable to pay the following cancellation fees:

-        For cancellations that takes place 42 days prior to the arrival date (booking start date) the whole deposit or total reservation cost is refunded.

-       For cancellation that takes place between 41 - 0 days prior to the arrival date you are entitled to pay the 50% of the total reservation cost.  In such a case we will refund you the 50% of the total reservation cost.

In case of a No-Show or Early Departure the guest will be charged for the total cost of the booking, thus no refund is due.  We are not responsible for weather conditions, personal emergencies or schedule changes.

THE QUAD Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.) cancelation policy for the year 2023 is subject to the Covid-19 unpredictable implications.

If during 24 hours prior to the guest's check-in date there are such governmental regulations that prevent guests, who have already taken all covid-19 vaccines according to the guest home country update policy, from reaching Lefkada, Greece, on their reservation dates (Regulations issued either by the guest's home country or by Greece) the guests will be able to cancel their reservations and will be entitled to get a voucher for a period of 18 months or a full refund.  In this case, such voucher/refund that is due to governmental regulations will not apply for guests who have not taken a covid-19 vaccine according to the guest home country update policy



A security (damage) deposit will be held upon your arrival at the cost of one night stay.

Guests are responsible to keep and maintain the property in a proper manner throughout their stay.  Should there be any damages to the property or losses of any item of the property during your stay (i.e. fixtures, furnishing, equipment, electronics, towels, artwork, etc.,), you will be liable to pay for their repairs and/or their replacements at the time it happened. 

To prevent damages and breakages, no furniture is to be moved from one room to another by the occupants.  Also, no bathroom or pool towels are to be removed from the property (i.e., for beach use).  Separate pool towels are provided for the pool.

Special care should be given by all our guests with the use of towels, bed linen, mattress pads, sheets, blankets, etc. 

We provide our guests with high quality and well maintained towels and bed linen and it is expected from all our guests to use them in a proper manner.  Face make-up and eyeliners, shoe-polish, body oils, etc. are all destroying towels, bed linen and in general clothing. 

We kindly ask our guests NOT to remove their make-up, eyeliners, shoe-polish and body oils with the provided towels and bed linen as this will result to additional charges for their special cleaning or their replacement.

Kitchen equipment such as pots, pans, coffee makers, etc. must be carefully used at all times.  It is your responsibility to keep all equipment as clean and well maintained as we provide them. Damages of any kind will result in additional charge accordingly. 

The cost of the repairs and/or replacements will be provided by the manager/owner of the property to the guests at the time it happened or if extra time is needed to investigate the exact costs that amount will be provided at a reasonable time.  Additional costs may be applicable for shipping and handling charges for the replacement of damaged/lost items as well as for any installation costs may arise. Such costs may be charged directly to the credit card or the person who has made the booking.

If an occurrence of damage or loss happens the guests must immediately inform the property manager/owner.         

In case of a damage, the security deposit which is held will be returned to the person who made the booking within 3 weeks from the end of the booking, less any deductions which may be held by the property Owner to cover the cost of any repairs/damages/breakages/losses, etc.  Should these costs exceed the damage deposit, a surplus charge for the remaining costs will be requested to be paid by a damage claim from the person responsible of the booking.

All persons who are staying in the property are solely responsible of their valuables and personal belongings.  Any valuables left at the property are left at one’s own risk.

The Quad Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.) Owner and Staff cannot be held liable for any loss or damage of any valuable object/personal belongings/money/IDs, etc. that are brought in to the villa by the guests or others connected with them which happened to be lost, damaged, misplaced or stolen at any time from the property.

Our villas are constructed to withstand all weather conditions and equipped with a security alarm system and a safe. 

It is our guests’ responsibility to use the security system and to lock/close all doors and windows as they leave their villa in order to maintain security and to prevent weather damages. 

Therefore, we are not responsible for any thefts may happen or damages caused by weather conditions to your belongings or to our property by your negligence to secure your villa at any time.

In the event of any theft or damage occurring through negligence of you, your guest’ or your visitors, the Owner has the statutory right to ask for compensation from you.

We are not responsible for items left behind by our guests.  However, any important item that is left behind and is found by our staff will be kept in a secure place for collection by their owner for up to thirty (30) days. After the period of 30 days any unclaimed item will be thrown away.



In the event that for any unforeseen reason we are unable to accommodate your booking during the agreed dates due to any mechanical, electrical, a human error, or in an unforeseen circumstance, we will make efforts to accommodate you, for the specified dates, at a comparable villa/hotel in the area and will pay any difference in rates that may occur as well as the cost of the transportation from our property to the new accommodation.



THE QUAD Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.) does not accept responsibility for any incident happened such as a breakdown of the water supply system caused by any cause, a cut-off of the electricity, a problem with swimming pool filtration systems, a shutdown or problem with the air-condition system, etc., though in case of such an incident we will make our best efforts to resolve such issues as quickly as possible.

Any problems/complaints must be notified to our staff within 24 hours of their occurrence so we can rectify it as soon as possible. 

THE QUAD Luxury Villas is not responsible or liable for any external or environmental noise or other disturbance arising out of its control.

No complaints will be considered if made after the departure date or if not acknowledged by our staff and the owner of THE QUAD Luxury Villas.



In circumstances beyond our control we cannot be held liable to pay any compensation, reimbursements and expenses or to cover any losses for any amount inquired by any guest who would stay in our property.

Such circumstances usually include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, airport closures, epidemic, natural or nuclear disaster, terrorist activity, civil unrest, industrial dispute, bad weather (actual or threatened), and significant building work ongoing outside of your accommodation.

In such an event, that we are forced to cancel your booking, you will be informed without delay and you will be offered the choice of an alternative property or a full refund of all funds paid to us.  The Quad Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.) will not be liable for any breach of contract and subsequent claims that may arise as a result of inconveniences suffered by the guests.  We will not be liable for any claim made against us, if you arrange alternative accommodation elsewhere without prior consultation and agreement in writing.



We expect all guests to have consideration for other people and to behave in a manner which is polite and respectful.

We do not allow any kind of violence or any kind of discrimination towards our staff on sex, race, class, etc.

If in our reasonable opinion or in the reasonable opinion of our staff or a third party partner any guest  behaves in such a way as to cause danger, upset or distress or intended damage to property, we are entitled, without prior notice, to terminate the holiday of the person(s) concerned.

This includes threatening and inappropriate behavior, whether verbal or physical, the use of offensive language and any action which we believe pose a risk to our staff, property owners/managers, other guests, or anyone connected with your holiday.

In such situation, the person(s) concerned will be required to leave the property.

No refunds will be made and we will not be liable of any expenses or costs incurred as a result of the termination.

Photographs and videos of all our properties can be taken only for personal use and cannot be used for any other purposes.



Children of all ages are welcomed.  It is your responsibility to keep all children and adults at the Property safe, especially while using the wet areas (pools, bathrooms, showers, etc.).

We bear no responsibility and/or any kind of liability for any accident that might occur as a result of your negligence either indoors or outdoors in our property.  You are solely responsible for yours and everyone’s in your party safety while your stay in our property.

There is no Lifeguard on duty, thus children and elderly people must always be supervised by their parents/guardian or by a responsible adult who stays in the villa during the use of the swimming pool. 

Do not leave your children and/or babies unattended to roam around the property especially when playing around the pool, when they are on the balconies, on patios on staircases, etc.  

Furthermore, guests are not permitted to enter indoors when still wet from the pool because the floors can be slippery. Damages or injuries arising as a result of such actions shall not be a responsibility of the villa owner/manager in any way.

The swimming pools will always be clean and operational by the property staff.

You must also help to keep the swimming pools clean and clear of debris and foreign materials such as toys as these may obstruct the normal operation of the pool and may cause damages.

For safety reasons, it is not permitted to use any glassware in or around the pool area. For such a reason we provide great quality of plastic cups and mugs to use in the outdoor areas.

The swimming pool meets all safety standards and guidelines; therefore, you assume full responsibility for the safety of all members of your party in and around the swimming pools.

In case of accident, injury, or death, by accepting the villa rental you waive any future claim against the Owner and staff of the villa.

For the safety of our guests/property and surrounding area against fire, you can find fire extinguishers placed in specific locations inside your villa as well as in the garage.  The villas are also equipped with smoke detectors.  We kindly ask our guests and their visitors not to tamper any smoke detector nor to use the fire extinguishers without any reason.

Because of the seriousness of the matter, guests who found to have tampered the smoke detectors or have used any firefighting equipment without any reason it will result to penalties and to immediately termination of their stay without any refund.



Breach of any of the mentioned herein “Terms and Conditions of Occupancy” the Owner and Manager reserve the right to terminate permission to occupy and to evict from THE QUAD Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.) property, any Guests or Visitors who refuse to follow these Rules or who cause a nuisance to neighbors or other residents of the community.



THE QUAD Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.) is privately owned and operated.  We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason(s) that does violate the laws. THE QUAD Luxury Villas has a zero-tolerance policy in which we will refuse to admit or refuse service or accommodation in our villas or may remove a person, without refund, who refuses to abide by the reasonable standards and policies established by the Greek Tourist department and the owners and management of THE QUAD Luxury Villas.

THE QUAD Luxury Villas will refuse service or evict a guest: for refusal or failure to pay for accommodations, is under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or any other intoxicating substance and acts in a disorderly fashion as to disturb the peace of other guests or is not in compliance with Greek liquor laws; acts in a disorderly fashion as to disturb the peace of other guests; is unable to properly supervise their children at all times, use our property for an unlawful purpose (i.e. prostitution), bring into the villas an unlawfully possessed firearm or something, including an explosive or hazardous or toxic substance, that is unlawful to possess and that may be dangerous to other persons; destroys, damages, defaces, or threatens harm to THE QUAD Luxury Villas property or guests; causes or permits persons to exceed the maximum allowable occupancy of room, refuses to abide by the reasonable standards or rules established by THE QUAD Luxury Villas for the operation and management of our villas.



We strongly recommend that all our guests are covered by a comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation, flight delays, loss and damage to baggage and other property) and health insurance. We strongly advise you to have a medical plan that will cover any medical expenses in Greece. If you or a member of your family has any serious chronic condition, including severe allergies, you are obliged to inform us in advance. THE QUAD Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.) is not responsible for all claims, including any accidents related to the use of THE QUAD Luxury Villas facilities or locally procured third party services such as, watercraft, water sports, car, 4X4 vehicle, motorbike rental, massage or privet chef services or any other third party services, etc. The Owner is not and cannot be held responsible for accidents caused due to the negligence and/or lack of attention of you or your guests in the grounds of the property (swimming pool, any kind of falls, food poisoning, food allergies, etc.).

THE QUAD Luxury Villas shall not be responsible for any delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by events outside our control such as civil disturbances, fires, floods, severe weather, acts of God, acts of Government, termination of supply of electricity and water on the Island, etc.



THE QUAD Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.), its owner and staff, are in no circumstances responsible for any loss, expense, damage, claim or injury either directly or indirectly, consequential, or otherwise whatsoever, however caused or incurred (within or outside the premises of THE QUAD Luxury Villas).

If any accommodations and/or services are substituted, THE QUAD Luxury Villas will act all times in good faith and use its best efforts to substitute with accommodations and/or services of a type comparable to or better than those originally contracted.

THE QUAD Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.), its owner and staff, are not responsible for any deaths and injuries whatsoever within or outside its property, i.e., falls from the staircases, balconies, pathways, accidents in swimming pool, food poisoning, food allergies, complementary bicycle riding, etc.

THE QUAD Luxury Villas (The Quad E.E.), its owner and staff, are not responsible or liable for any personal injury or death casualty of accompanying children, whatsoever. Some risks to children are for instance the height of the balconies, the staircases, the swimming pool which is not guarded, the electrical sockets which don’t have child protection, etc.  Adult guests are fully responsible for the safety of their accompanied children.

Parents or legal guardians acts at their own risk and are solely responsible for the safety of their children. This includes using the swimming pool.


By acceptance of this contract and/or by placing a money transfer for a deposit for booking a villa in our property, the client/guest/visitor agrees that has read, fully understands, agrees and accepts to the disclaimer of liability written above (herein the above Terms and Conditions) and that this requirement has and will be complied with full extent.